My Two Cents: Christmas Day Games

2 thoughts on “My Two Cents: Christmas Day Games”

  1. the bulls turned the ball over too much yest and they didnt get out to the knicks shooters at all but without joakim in the middle their team didnt have the shot blocker to stop drives from any of the knicks perimeter or post players,,,,,,if the knicks continue to shoot plus 50% from three they can cause probs from now til their 6 seed in the playoffs/first round departure

    ron ron needs to get off the anti-psychotics and become an enforcer again, more headlocks and less dribbling out of bounds. Lakers are still gonna turn it up when its time too but they need to do it before kobe/fisher turn 43 this season

    1. HAHA @ Ron Ron getting off the anti-psychotics. I think I prefer the Ron the goon a bit more as well. Maybe that tongue lashing Kobe gave them (no freaky) after the game will make him more aggressive.

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