Open Letter: Lamar Kardashian

6 thoughts on “Open Letter: Lamar Kardashian”

  1. LMFAO girl.. Wow. I guess New York dun went Hollywood “officially”. This guy is making ALL the right moves. haah! Inspiring. Truly f*cking inspiring…

  2. I would just like to say I am a Queens native and I agree with this blog. What the hell is going through your brain right now Lamar, first of all you are no where near good enough to not be 100% focused on your game. Second of all she is right what the hell is your reality show gonna be about. You need to just fall back and play basketball to the best of your ability and stop trying to go hollywood. You from Queens negro… you better start acting like it!

  3. Im waiting for the official name change, its only a matter of time before he actually takes the Kardashian last name…he’s following suit already with this need for a reality show to exploit their stupid ventures, if you cant tell im not really a fan.

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