Underrated Player of the Week: Wilson Chandler

9 thoughts on “Underrated Player of the Week: Wilson Chandler”

  1. Fair question about why Chandler was left off of the All-Star ballot in favor of Gallo. Some point to race and tatoos but it’s a little bit deeper than that. Just look at STAT. Tats all over him and people love him. Although I don’t disregard the race factor.(it’s always a factor) I think it has more to do with the the Knicks desire to let their 1st round draft pick shine as bright as he can in order to not only justify their judgment in taking him 6th overall, but also because he is more marketable to the international market by virtue of being Italian.Most of this stuff is politics anyway. Why else would Yao Ming be on the ballot?

    Nevertheless, Chandler does deserve more credit for the state of the Knicks. He’s an understated, humble player that simply gets the job done.

  2. Nice article.

    For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure he was left off the all-star ballot because he wasn’t a starter when the ballot was put together. Chandler was supposed to be the Knicks’ sixth man this season, you may remember.

    There are very few bench players listed on the ballot.

    1. Thank you for your support! I think appointing Chandler as the 6th man was the first mistake. During the pre-season he proved that he was supposed to be on the floor yet he’s still the sixth man? He has fewer starts than Gallo yet again, all of his stats are higher. Although, when it was time to choose who to put on the ballot, Wilson was already in the starting lineup.

  3. He’s definitely a “silent assassin” moves in silence while getting the job done. Its crazy that he’s not on the ballot but is it fair to say that if he wasnt as ‘silent’ would that get him more recognition? When he has a great game and leads the team, he rarely gives the post game interview im guessing because his personality is so laid back, but is it safe to assume if he did he would get more notoriety? because hes more than deserving of it. And when the politics come into play they’re looking for a person thats marketable and can generate income its only 40% about actual talent, its about tapping into that persons fan base and in turn them spending $$ to support their favorite player. The ballots are like “the most popular” category in school, it has to be because how else could Yao Ming be one of the top vote getters, yet he hasnt been playing AT ALL!! its mind blowing and asinine. But to those who know basketball and recognize talent its hard to miss that Wilson’s been holding the Knicks down this year and All-Star nod or not, his actions and efforts are appreciated

  4. He was left off the ballot, because that is voted on before the season begins. Tryna blame it on race and stuff, gtfoh. Before the year started everyone anticipated Gallo being the one taking the big step forward rather than Wilson.

    1. Hi Azaz! Don’t think I mentioned race…but thanks for the observation =)

      Also, “everyone” should be used very loosely- I have always thought Gallo was a good 6th man. FAR from the franchise player they were trying to make him before Amar’e got here. Not saying Wilson is either, because he definitely isn’t, but he’s WAY better than Gallo. The coaches worked out with the guys for weeks, them not choosing Wilson is telling of their skill as coaches. Wilson has played better than Gallo all season- including the pre season. Don’t think he flipped the switch on after they chose players for the ballot.

  5. im not sure where the race card was played so it kinda voids your whole statement….Gallo is their wanna be golden child whos shining more like costume jewelry and that was long before the actual season began. I have to agree with the ‘everyone’ part too because i know too many who believed otherwise

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