I HATE Dwight Howard

4 thoughts on “I HATE Dwight Howard”

  1. Hit it on right on the head! Howard is waaay too in love with his celebrity here in Hollywood. He has become fully intoxicated with the whole L.A. vibe of flash and cash. Does he have to dress like he’s going to the Oscars or an awards show every single time he steps out!? Sick sick sick of it! Serve yourself a slice of humble pie there Howard. L.A. fans themselves have been called out for being “soft” at games but we’re not fickle by any means. We will call you out and rightfully so when you’re too busy goofing off and being just a bit too chummy while your team is getting its ass kicked in sideways on the court. Time to man up and at least front a bit of that Kobe-like “i ain’t smiling until we win” mentality. I still have faith in Howard cuz he can be a beast but for now all I’ve seen is someone more interested in the way he looks on and off the court than what he actually leaves on it after 4 quarters.

    1. Thank you!! Feels great to get hear this from the perspective of a LA fan in LA because some Howard fans here in NYC think he’s harmless. He’s a great player but I just wish he would take the game more seriously. The Lakers are in a bad position this season and DH is not only not helping the cause, he’s arguably harming it. Hope he gets it together, for the sake of the team. Thank you for visiting!

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